MAGGIE: the dog who changed my life

MAGGIE: the dog who changed my life
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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Landlords and HOA's Can Save So Many Animals: Just Say Yes!

Landlords, this one's for you. You can make SUCH a huge difference in saving countless dogs and cats by simply allowing them into your home and apartment rentals. I don't usually post about animals needing a home since there are so many. But this one hits close to home, so please read on beyond my note and look at the precious canine faces below. You see, this is a flyer from a good friend of mine who has had her beloved dogs for years. Finding herself needing to move from her home, she was unable to find a house or apartment in Boulder who would take her dogs. Now she is in the heartbreaking situation of having to give them up. 

Boulder, CO you are supposedly a dog-loving, dog-friendly town, with one of the best shelters in the world, with one of the highest adoption rates. Now, calling all home and apartment owners, who rent your places out, and all HOA's -- have you considered how many animals you can save from being turned into shelters and euthanized if you simply said "yes" to pets? Sure, they can be destructive at times. I'm not naive -- I own a rental. So ask for an extra pet deposit and have a heart. You can make a difference between saving an animal's life or having it killed. You can prevent animals from going through the grief and heartache of a broken bond. You can make a difference in the numbers of broken and lonely human hearts, . And Boulder landlords, right now I'm especially talking to you! Especially at a time like this when so many people are losing jobs, homes, etc. Many lose their animals, too, simply because of the "No Pet" clauses in your contracts. PLEASE revisit your rental contracts and recognize your power to make an incredible positive difference rather than an unimaginably painful difference.


Hi! I look like my mom, a rough collie like Lassie. At about 44 pounds, I’m smaller like my dad, a border collie.  I’m fond of helping—you can teach me new skills.  (I’d probably enjoy agility training.) I’m happy to lie beside you quietly or go with you on a walk or a hike.  About the only time I bark is when I play ball with you and say “I got it! I got it!”  (I don’t mean to brag, but I can catch a Frisbee in midair.)  I’m about six years old now and came to live with my guardian Mary when I was one.  My name is Guinness.

My name is Opal. I came to live with Mary and Guinness two years ago.  I’m four and weigh 22 pounds. Like most dogs, I lie around a lot when I’m not sniffing tiny creatures in the yard.  I enjoy hiking, though I have better things to do than catch Frisbees…like sit in your lap.  I’ll alert you when someone comes to the door. When I hear “no barking”, I know I’ve done my job and am quiet—until the mail carrier comes. I don’t go on and on like some little yappers I won’t mention—that would be tedious.  I’ll be a good friend.

We are mellow people dogs and have played with a rabbit and even a cat or two.  We’re well-mannered,healthy and housetrained.  We stay off the furniture and will lounge on our cushions in the kitchen when you need your space. On the other hand, we had a petsitter who let us sleep with her, which was way cool. We sit, stay, lie down, like car trips and the dog park, behave at the groomer and the vet, and aim to please.  We can’t have pups of our own, but we’re great with babies, kids, young adults and seniors.

We need a new home by April 30 because Mary is moving to an apartment complex where the HOA has no idea what great tenants we would be. We’ll be happy together or separately if you are kind and spend time with us.  We come with pet stuff and no rehoming fee.  We’ll make you laugh and feel warm and fuzzy

Please email Mary at or call 303.834.8168 or 303.931.2280

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