MAGGIE: the dog who changed my life

MAGGIE: the dog who changed my life
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Soul's Touching

Mom/foal we passed on horseback, Chile
I have to share this soul-felt experience with you that I had with a horse yesterday. I have always loved horses, but have ridden only sporadically throughout my life. I recently rode 13 miles on a horse out and back while in Chile in January, on the same trail that Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid supposedly ran cattle on between Argentina and Chile so many years ago. I have never had my own horse, although I dreamed of having one throughout my childhood. My draw to them lately has been strong -- but I'm not sure if it is to ride and take lessons, to simply be near them to learn more about them, or to let them teach me how to be more authentic.

Yesterday as I was driving home I was approaching the street where I knew Colorado Horse Rescue was located. I had never been there, so decided to find it just to have a look. I turned into the first gravel driveway on the left, thinking this was it. Two horses in the pasture each called to me with a soft neigh and watched me as I pulled in. That had never happened before. I parked in the middle of the drive and walked up to the first horse. I patted his head and he was pretty interactive, but eventually turned away. I went up to the reddish brown horse with the black mane, who patiently waited. What happened next was magical. He placed his muzzle on my neck, and left it there as he breathed in and out several times, his breath warming my neck and shoulder. His deep brown eyes looked right into mine. He then moved his muzzle to my nose and mouth; we were head to head, eyes looking into each others', breathing together. Tears welled in my eyes at the connection, and the depth of our souls touching.

"Thank you. I have never had this with a horse before," I told the gentle giant as I gently rubbed his face. "Thank you for this gift."

Beautiful horse we walked by on last Chile hike
He moved his muzzle to my other shoulder as I held his head close to mine -- and we hugged that way for several moments. His eyes never left my face. My heart was wide open, eyes still wet. I didn't want to leave such a moment of presence and connection, but it was time to go.

This wasn't the Rescue, I learned, but with direction I found it a little further down the road. When I drove past my new equine friend on my way back from the Horse Rescue, he watched my car until I turned the corner to head towards home. I'll be back, my friend, I'll be back. Thank you. I won't forget these special moments with you.

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