MAGGIE: the dog who changed my life

MAGGIE: the dog who changed my life
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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Could Bella Be Your Own Emotional Support Dog?

Hi, I'm Bella
Bella is a sweet 5 year old female pit bull terrier. She has had 3 homes, one of them for 4 of her 5 years. Here Bella lived with 2 other dogs and 3 children. "She is great with other dogs and kids," says this guardian. Her favorite company was their other dog, Maddie. The reason they relinquished her was, "the dogs are kenneled all day together and get no attention. They can't be outside because the neighbors complain. She needs a good home with lots of attention!" And, of course, physical activity.

Bella was accustomed to staying home alone for five to six hours and was comfortable alone for seven to eight hours. She is housetrained, likes to run and play fetch and loved being with family, greeting family and strangers alike with loving jumps and kisses. 

According to another of her guardians, however, Bella will do best in a home without other animals, as she doesn't do well greeting other animals and gets nervous/fearful around other dogs, where she reacts with barking. This guardian feels that this sweetheart would be fine being placed in a home with children (she lived with a 3-year-old and a 6-year-old).

Bella has never bitten or snapped at anyone. She has had basic obedience training and knows sit, lay down, go potty and paw (shake). According to this owner, "Bella is a sweetheart, great with kids, strangers, men and women. She gets very active around other dogs so introduce them slowly in a controlled environment. Preferably don't house her with other dogs. She is very well-trained, does not pull and does not bark. Any home would be lucky to have her."

Sweet Bella
Bella's last adopter was going to be away on military service and wasn't aware of her medical issue when he adopted her. Bella is hypothyroid, which means her metabolic rate is slower than normal. It is not at all uncommon in dogs and is easily treated with thyroid supplementation, which Bella will likely take for the rest of her life. This adopter only had Bella for one day. He said she "is a sweetheart who just gets excited ... I would take her back in a heartbeat."

While in the shelter, Bella has exhibited reactivity towards other dogs for which she is receiving behavioral management with the training department to resolve this problem. She may need further training with this issue and a free session is offered through the Humane Society of Boulder Valley's training department. 

Are you looking for a loving companion dog for you and your family? Do you want to rescue a special pet from an animal shelter to adopt for your own? Are you wanting an emotional support dog and don't mind putting in a little extra time working with you new forever friend around other dogs with trainer assistance? And making sure she gets to run and play? If this is you, Bella is your girl! You can find her at the Humane Society of Boulder Valley.

Dawn Kairns is the author of Maggie the Dog Who Changed My Life


Unknown said...

Hi Dawn :-)

Bella sounds fabulous and she looks absolutely beautiful, I live in Australia, is it at all possible to have her transported to me? Do you have any idea what the costs would be?

My daughter, Jessica, and I have been foster carers at our local Victorian Animal Aid Trust in Coldstream for many years. Jess has completed her Canine Therapy Team certification where she can take one of her dogs, Teyha - a Siberian Husky, with her to Hospitals to visit patients, elderly persons homes, schools, etc.

I have been involved in completing my Equine Assisted Therapy certification and am hoping to offer this service to clients later this year.

Our family in small in human content but large in four legged, fur babies, two legged feathered, and no legs reptiles :-)

Dawn said...

Good morning, Sandra,
How wonderful that you are so interested in Bella! You are obviously a real animal lover. How many animals do you have? I am concerned that it could be overwhelming for Bella with her animal reactivity, however, I think what is best is for you to speak with the training department at the Humane Society of Boulder Valley as they have the best grasp of Bella and her needs, as well as how best to introduce her to your other animals. Please note that there is nothing in her history where she has been exposed to birds are reptiles. Please call the Humane Society of Boulder Valley at 303-442-4030 and listen for the extension for the training department, which is number 4. If you only get voicemail please leave a message with your desire to adopt Bella and your information for how you can be reached. You can also speak with someone at the main number and let them know your interest in Bella and they will direct you to the person to speak to.
Take care and keep us posted!

Dawn said...

Sandra, I am also going to share your interest in Bella with the Boulder Humane Society and let them know you will be contacting them.
Thank you again!

Dawn said...

Bella has been adopted!!

Unknown said...

That's great news! I am so pleased for Bella :-)