MAGGIE: the dog who changed my life

MAGGIE: the dog who changed my life
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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Are You My Forever Person?

Casey in her HSBV corner condo
I returned as a volunteer to the Humane Society of Boulder Valley (HSBV) in October, 2016 to work in the dog adoptions center. My job description includes walking the dogs and "enriching their lives" while they are in the shelter environment. The animals that come through their doors are some of the luckiest of those furry angels unlucky enough to end up in an animal shelter at all. What I noticed is that it was rare to see the same dogs from one week to the next as they get adopted pretty quickly here in Boulder. Such is the beauty of living in a town that loves to adopt shelter animals.
LOVE my soft toys!
Well, most dogs get adopted quickly, that is. Of course there are those few who need a little extra training and behavioral work, both inside the shelter and once they walk out the door with their new forever person/family. Perhaps they have separation anxiety, or are dog aggressive but people-loving, or a little overly protective with their family. Casey is one such pup I noticed who was passed over week after week, setting up camp in her corner "condo." She seemed depressed lying alone with her toys, encased in glass and tile. But when I saw her ready to go for a walk with her handler, I saw a sweet, happy girl, ready to go with toy in mouth!
Casey is a 9-year-old female lab, German shepherd, pointer mix. She loves people, and carrying her soft, furry toys around in her mouth. It is believed that she lived the first 6 years of her life with one guardian. Sadly, during the past 3 years, Casey has been adopted and returned to the Humane Society of Boulder Valley several times, likely leading to her exhibiting signs of separation anxiety where she didn’t before. The biggest reason for her returns is conflicts with other dogs if they get too close, so Casey will do best in a home as the only animal.
Her last adopter regrettably took her for a walk with their small baby in a stroller right after adopting Casey. This is never advised until a new guardian has a chance to get to know their new dog, and how she will react when she sees other dogs, cats, squirrels, etc. In her excitement on their first walk, Casey pulled hard on her leash and the baby’s father, unable to manage her, fell, the baby stroller leaving his hands and rolling away from him! This was enough for him to bring poor Casey right back to the shelter.

Casey has received behavior modification at HSBV for her tendency to have conflicts with other dogs and more recently for separation anxiety. She may need further behavioral management, and one consult through HSBV is offered to you, the adopter for free.
She likely has chronic generalized arthritis and needs pain management. A glucosamine supplement such as Glycoflex or Cosequin along with an anti-inflammatory such as Rimadyl is recommended. Casey also needs weight reduction/management, which will likely help her arthritis pain as well. She will welcome gentle exercise and a well-padded bed. Casey is not perfect; but the perfect person and situation are out there for her. Could that be you?

If you have a lot of love to give a dog and are ready to receive the love coming back at you, if you enjoy a training challenge, and are curious, patient and committed, might you be Casey's forever person?

If you want to meet or learn  more about Casey, contact the Humane Society of Boulder Valley at 2323 55th Street, Boulder, CO 80301. You can call them at 30-3442-4030.

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