MAGGIE: the dog who changed my life

MAGGIE: the dog who changed my life
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

In Honor of My Precious Cat, Cinnamon: Happy 17th Birthday

Those of you who read my book, MAGGIE the dog who changed my life, have already met my Cinnamon and know her as the new, spicey little kitty that came into Maggie's and our lives after Maggie lost her pal, Shanna, our previous cat. Well, time marches on, and I share this picture post with you today to honor my feline soul mate, the one you don't hear too much about because I talk so much about canines! Ms. Cinnamon turns 17 this month. Happy Birthday, my precious little Buddha (that's her other name she earned because of her little Buddha belly!)

Cinnamon, like most cats, was a home body. After losing Maggie, and as Cinnamon got older, I didn't want to leave her behind on our trips anymore. I wondered how she'd do in our camper, and at age 12 we decided to find out. Well, she did beautifully, and it just gets better. The more she trusts us to keep her safe and stable when we travel by car, the more comfortable she becomes. Even going into motel rooms for 2 nights on our long drive to and from Texas is just no big deal for her anymore. She knows the routine.

Recovering from surgery in 2004

Sharing back seat with buddie Maddie on drive to Padre Island.

Enjoying her ocean view from condo deck in Padre Island.

"I love watching the ocean..."

Kicks Golden Chloe out of bed. "Hmm. Don't know where Chloe went. Nice bed, though ..."

Cinnamon finally gets another black dog (Maddie) who will actually sleep with her!

"I LOVE black dogs!"

Relaxing on bed in the camper enjoying the sunny view.

Loving camper life.
"Maggie taught me to cross my paws like this ..."

Last week in yard: "Meowwwww!! I can still prowl at 17 -- as long as I can see Mom!"

"Ah, deer turds here!"

Cinnamon gets brave in Wyoming, July, 2009 & looks out truck window at a stop. She usually hides in her litter box when we stop. (She is secured w/leash & harness).

"What was Maddie looking at?? I can do it if she can ..."

And more ...

Thank you, my angel, for being another "rock" in my life for so many years; for grounding me, for holding the space of peace, centeredness, and calm in our home -- for being my little Buddha. Happy 17th Birthday, my spicey little girl. I love you, Cinnie.

(For those of you who tried to read my 2 previous picture posts on Cinnamon and found the links dead, I apologize. It's my lack of skill in placing pictures in my blog in aligned fashion. I can only hope this one works when I push publish this!)

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Ingrid King said...

Happy Birthday, Cinnamon! What a special little girl you are. The photos are wonderful! Thank you for sharing her with us, Dawn.

I love the new look of your blog, too!

Marg said...

I found you on Facebook through Ingrid King and love your blog. A very Happy birthday to Cinnamon. Hope she has many many more. Have a great day.

Dawn Kairns, Author of MAGGIE: the dog who changed my life said...

Thanks, Ingrid -- she is a special one for sure! Appreciate your feedback re: the new look of my blog, too :)

Dawn Kairns, Author of MAGGIE: the dog who changed my life said...

Thanks for finding me/by blog, Marg. I will give Cinnamon your message -- I'm hoping for many, many more for her, too! I am happy you love my blog -- that's always great to hear.

retriever farm said...

happy birthday! Cinnamon is just beautiful! our black kitty shadow turns 15 in Sept. here's to old healthy kitties.

Heather said...

Super cute pictures and great birthday post for her. Nice job!

Dawn Kairns, Author of MAGGIE the dog who changed my life said...

Thanks, Retriever Farm (please tell me your first name). I think she's beautiful, too :) Many more for both Shadow & Cinnamon!

Dawn Kairns, Author of MAGGIE the dog who changed my life said...

Thanks, 'H', and nice of you to visit!