MAGGIE: the dog who changed my life

MAGGIE: the dog who changed my life
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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Please Just Give Me a Sign

Bailey Bear
My friend recently lost her beautiful Golden Retreiver, Bailey Bear (BB), to heart failure. Like so many of us, she was not prepared and it was a devastating loss for her. Again like so many of us when we lose a beloved pet, she experienced guilt. In her case it was concern that she and her husband had left BB alone too much when they went away on trips. Now, mind you, Bailey Bear was taken to a popular, upscale Boulder kennel where she received a lot of attention from people and played with other dogs. But that was where my friend's guilt came in. Was BB happier with all the excitement of being with other dogs and people than spending time at home with Patricia and her husband? Of course we know the answer to that! I had been on hikes with Patricia and Bailey Bear. BB adored my friend.

Soon after BB passed, Patricia was running one day and talking to BB's spirit. She asked BB  if she had been happy with how they cared for her during her lifetime. Patricia  asked her to give her some sort of a sign that she had been happy. She kept looking around for signs as she ran - butterflies, birds, etc. When she got back in her car after her run and while driving home, Patricia continued to talk to BB.

"Now here comes the WOW part." she told me as she recounted her story to me. "As I was walking into the door of my house Rhonda (BB's caregiver from Cottonwood Kennel) sent me a text with a photo that I thought was BB. A couple of minutes later she sent another text to tell me that the photo she sent was of BB's sister. Her name was Lola and it was the first time she had been to Cottonwood! She did some things that reminded Rhonda of BB, so she looked at her information. Lola had the same birthday as Bailey Bear - Valentine's Day 11 years ago! Rhonda confirmed with the owners when they picked her up that she came from the same breeder. I think BB gave me a sign through Lola."

As though BB wasn't convinced that was enough of a sign, Patricia had a most unusual experience with a wild animal -- a marmot -- right on her front door step. She heard a noise and went to explore. There, standing at her front door looking right in the window and scratching on it as if to want in, was a marmot! That just doesn't happen!

"In the 12 years we've lived here, I have NEVER seen a marmot up here," Patricia told me. "Roman (her husband) saw a marmot one time about 3 years ago."

Marmots don't do this!!
I, too, have had out of the ordinary experiences with wild animals after a loved one has passed. Like the bird who grazed my face with its' wing after my parents' passed. You may call it coincidence. But I can't ignore the serendipity of it all. How about you? Do you have your own stories you'd like to share in the comments below about how your pets or other loved ones who have passed have found a way to make their presence known to you from the other side?

Posted by Dawn Kairns, Author of
MAGGIE the Dog Who Changed My Life


Anonymous said...

Dawn, thank you for sharing my story. Bailey-Bear will always be forever in my heart. We shared so many special times together. She never failed to make me laugh even when she was being ornery. It's been five months since she passed, but my husband and I still feel her presence in so many ways. Advice to others experiencing the loss of a pet: Remain alert and in the present and your pet's spirit will visit with you. It's very comforting.

Dawn Kairns said...

I was honored to share your beautiful story, and honored that you shared it with me. I love your advice true.

Anonymous said...

I tried to fill the loss of my companion of almost thirteen years with another pet. It was too soon and my son was too young. The puppy grew to 80 pounds quickly and she became a danger. It was very difficult to surrender her because she helped heal some of my broken places, but my son took priority. When we came home from the shelter, still heavy with sadness, a dove was resting in the yard. I wondered if that was a sign from God that we'd done the right thing. I still miss her and the dogs I've loved before her.

Dawn Kairns said...

It's easy to understand how you wanted to ease the incredible pain from losing your long time companion with another pet. How beautiful that she helped heal you.

Wow, a dove...a sign of peace. Trust your "wondering" ... sure sounds like a lovely sign.

I see animals/pets like angels sent on an assignment. Your sweet puppy who grew so quickly and helped you heal while she was in your life perhaps was meant for another human assignment. If my current dog, Maddie, (now 9 1/2 years old)had not been surrendered to the shelter at 10 months of age, she would not have been able to complete her mission with us, and then where would we be?

She took your love with her...