MAGGIE: the dog who changed my life

MAGGIE: the dog who changed my life
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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fighting Puppy Mills Successfully: Main Line Animal Rescue

Main Line Animal Rescue has been a big voice for exposing puppy mills in Pennsylvania and nationwide. When you read their following accomplishments, you will know why I donate 10% of my book royalties to MLAR: 

From the Main Line Animal Rescue Spring 2010 brochure:

"When commercial dog breeders in Pennsylvania sent 385 frightened breeding dogs to auction in Ohio last fall (to be sold to puppy mills in other states), Main Line Animal Rescue was there with a vet and cruelty officers. "Wanted" posters of MLAR founder Bill Smith are now routinely handed out to all of the Amish puppy miller's who attend the Holmes County dog auctions and MLAR is blamed/credited by auction organizers with ruining dog breeding as they know it in the United States. But most important, since MLAR volunteers attended and were a presence at the October 2009 auction, not a single dog from Pennsylvania has been sent to auction in Ohio...

After Main Line Animal Rescue drove a reporter for Newsweek to puppy Mills located on farms also operating organic dairies, two articles exposing one of those dairies appeared in the popular weekly. As a result of the article, that, Amish farmer ultimately surrendered his state kennel license and gave up his breeding dogs. Then, at our request, organic food titan Whole Foods agreed to send a letter to all their suppliers "requesting that they not supply any products to their stores that have been sourced from farmers or other vendors who breed or raise dogs inhumanely." We will soon urge other companies to do the same...

Main Line Animal Rescue will launch its own anti-tethering campaign this year, to help dogs who spend their lives chained outside - braving extreme weather conditions and enduring years of solitude in frustration. We will also urge legislators to pass laws outlawing gas chambers in rural shelters in Pennsylvania. Often six or seven frightened animals are placed in the chambers at the same time - aggressive dogs attacking older or smaller dogs minutes before they die...

Main Line Animal Rescue takes issue with people who hurt animals and is drawn to issues which involve their safety and welfare. We will do whatever it takes to fight for their right to be treated humanely. We've driven many a campaign, traveling down the advocacy road many times - not stopping until we've successfully reached our destination. And when we've truly made a difference in the lives of these animals, by pointing out injustices and demanding and necessitating, then and only then do we stop..."

Thank you, MLAR, for all you do for the animals, especially for your outstanding work with puppy mill legislation and exposure.

To learn more about Main Line Animal Rescue, please visit their website at:

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