MAGGIE: the dog who changed my life

MAGGIE: the dog who changed my life
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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dog Rescued Near the Border Gets Second Chance: An Update

The Brownsville SPCA tells me that Markie will get vaccinated & neutered on Feb. 9. After that he will be able to start going to Petsmart with his foster mom and her other fosters dogs. Markie's exposure for adoption should begin next Saturday February 13 at the Brownsville Petsmart w/SPCA. Here's hoping! He is a little valentine -- he'd be a wonderful gift for someone to give themselves on Valentine's Day!

He has been a "little aggressive" with other dogs, the foster mom told Laura from BSPCA. The foster mom is not returning my calls, (must be too busy with her fosters) so my information comes indirectly via Laura from BSPCA. I saw no aggression with Maddie, our dog, but time will tell. I think he needs further adjustment and to unwind from the stress of being on the road. Remember when I told you he ducked as our truck approached, with a look of fear and submission on his face? I have since learned from a few people that some less than conscious individuals here in South Texas actually TRY to hit dogs on the road. I was dumbstruck when I heard that, and my heart aches for these innocent animals. I have also learned that MANY dogs get dumped down here. That is a heart breaker.

Unfortunately, Safe Harbor in Denver won't take him since he's a lab MIX... so I am hoping for a Texas adoption! I will keep you posted...

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