MAGGIE: the dog who changed my life

MAGGIE: the dog who changed my life
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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Why I Wrote "Maggie: The Dog Who Changed My Life"

Maggie was a very special being I was blessed to share my life with. The depth of our love for each other, of our human-canine bond, was deeper and beyond anything I imagined a bond with a dog could be.

Maggie's way of being so present in the moment brought me more into the present moment. She reached out to people and brought them into our circle. Maggie's genuine, loving way brought people into their hearts, and so my communication with others became more genuine and from the heart. Through her I learned the power of now, of living in the present, and that the most important things in life are love, connection, and following our hearts.

My journey with Maggie helped me make important personal and professional decisions about who I wanted to be and how I wanted to live; to honor my wants and question my shoulds. She taught me the importance of being over doing and to follow my intuition.

Maggie showed me that she read my thoughts somehow and understood me more than I thought possible in a dog. Call it telepathy. Call it a sixth sense. I wrote MAGGIE: the dog who changed my life in the hopes that you the reader will tune more into your own dogs and see them through the eyes of beings who understand you, their human, and read your thoughts and energy more than we realize; and in the hopes that you will look at animals as different beings, not lesser beings. Tuning into your dogs at this level deepens the experience of being a dog whisperer with your own dog.

I also wrote Maggie: the dog who changed my life to encourage you, the readers, to listen to yourselves, to your intuition, and to question veterinarians when your gut feelings disagree with a vet's diagnosis. I also encourage you to evaluate the information available about pet food and vaccination frequency and ask yourselves as I did in Chapter Nine in Maggie: the dog who changed my life, "What's Really Best for Our Pets?"

Finally, my hope is to help you know that the deep grief you feel when you lose your precious pet is normal; to help you feel supported and understood, and most important, to not feel isolated in your grief.

Now you know a few things about why I wrote Maggie: the dog who changed my life. To learn more about my book, visit Do you have a special dog story you want to share, past or present? Your own special once-in-a-lifetime dog? Let us hear from you. Go to and tell us about your special pet or share your comments on this post.