MAGGIE: the dog who changed my life

MAGGIE: the dog who changed my life
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Friday, May 24, 2013

Decline and Death of a Parent: Stories From Those Who Have Been There

We are moved by what we love. First, it was my dog, my constant companion, Maggie, who inspired my first book, MAGGIE the dog who changed my life. Then caring for my declining parents moved me to write once again, and to talk with others to explore and share their experiences in caring for their aging and dying parents. We all lose our parents. I always knew I'd lose my parents, but was not prepared for how overwhelming and life-changing it was. Perhaps you've been there, too, or are now experiencing this challenging time in your lives.

For those of you who are interested, I describe my book below. I am also asking for your help. I have 3 working titles listed below. Will you please take a moment and respond with a comment on my blog to let me know which one speaks to you the most?  

Coming in 2013 ...

Working Titles:
Decline and Death of a Parent: Stories From Those Who Have Been There

Caring for Aging Parents: Tough Choices, Changed Lives

 Parent Loss: Choices Made, Tears Cried, and Lives Changed

Dad and me around 2000

In my book, I interview others who have lost their parents and share my story, too. We delve into:

  • Family of origin interactions, and relationship with our parents.
  • How the declining health of aging parents impacted us emotionally and in our day to day life.
  • Whether or not siblings worked together to help declining parents. Was there conflict and if so, how did we resolve it?
  • How parent decline and loss changes us and the choices we make in our lives.
  • What decisions we have to make about parent care.
  • Were we at peace with our parents before they became ill; if not, how we made peace with our parents before or after they died. Or not.
  • What happens to family dysfunctional patterns (if present) during parent illness?
  • What coping skills and resources people called on when dealing with declining parents and their eventual deaths.
  • How we who lost parents found support from friends in our grief, or did we?
  • What experiences with health care professionals were like and whether they were helpful or hindering in any way
  • What was clearing out the "stuff" in our parents’ home like?
  • Feelings that were hard to come to terms with surrounding our parents' decline and death; feelings that still haunt us or that we finally came to terms with.
  • Whether any emotions like guilt or anger, or any events interfered with or prolonged our grieving process.
  • How we resolved our grief.
  • How our culture is with grief.
  • Unusual or unexplainable experiences after we lost our parents – what some people might call “paranormal.”
  • Advice for those of you just coming into the care of declining parents or dying parents.
My hope is that this book will help those of you coming into the care of your aging, declining, and dying parents, and that you will find yourself in the stories shared by others in my book. In so doing, may you find comfort, answers, kindred spirits, and support as you go through this unavoidable milestone in your life ...

Please click here and fill out the contact form if you are interested in being on a notification list for when my book on parent aging and loss is available.

Again, I will so appreciate it if you can please take a moment to comment on your preference of title listed above. Thank you very much.

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