MAGGIE: the dog who changed my life

MAGGIE: the dog who changed my life
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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Reading Program Therapy Dog Extraordinaire: Happy Birthday, My Precious Maddie

For years she brought smiles to faces of juveniles, or at least managed to brighten the day each time she visited high risk youths. Now Maddie lies at the feet of small children in the reading program at Columbine Elementary school as the children sharpen their reading skills in the nonjudgmental presence of Maddie and four other certified therapy dogs.

"Can  I read to Maddie now?"  I frequently hear. Giggles erupt when Maddie's constantly wagging tail accidentally swats a child getting ready to sit next to her. Some of the children will stop in the middle of reading a page to pet her and smile at her, or perhaps ask her to lick them by placing their hand under her nose.

"Can I throw the stick for Maddie now?" many of the boys ask when their reading hour with the five dogs is over.

Watching children who were fearful of making mistakes as they read improve their skills in the presence of Maddie and her canine buddies is a true joy.

As for me, watching my girl bring such joy to others, both in the therapeutic context and her every day interactions with people, is a blessing in my life. Sound familiar for those of you who read MAGGIE the dog who changed my life? So today, my little black angel, for all the joy and laughter you bring to my life, I am grateful for this special day, the day you were born, Maddie girl, that magical date of 05-05-05. HAPPY 7TH BIRTHDAY to our precious Miss Maddie. I am so grateful for that day we found you at Denver Municipal Animal Shelter when you were 10 months old. And so are so many others. I love you, Maddie.

For those of you who love to read dog books:

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