MAGGIE: the dog who changed my life

MAGGIE: the dog who changed my life
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Friday, April 20, 2012

Finding Foster Homes for Dogs: A New Mission for Local Business

Bishop Plumbing in Chicago has taken on finding foster homes for dogs as a “company mission,” one that has a strong place in the hearts and minds of the owner and employees at Bishop Plumbing.  Bishop Plumbing "informs its clients about opportunities to foster dogs, and some of the company’s employees have provided foster homes for the dogs.

After several months with Oakum, his chocolate lab, Bob, the owner of Bishop Plumbing, decided to adopt another dog.  In his search to find a dog to adopt, Bob was very affected by the number of dogs up for adoption due to being abandoned.  He eventually adopted Buster, but he never forgot all those dogs that needed homes. Kristina Curran, one of the company managers, was contacted recently regarding a couple of dogs were in danger of being euthanized at a pound in Jacksonville, Illinois.  Kristina discussed this with Bob and they decided to rescue them! AND find good homes for them.  They developed a list of foster homes from Bishop employees and sent a Bishop truck to Jacksonville to pick up the dogs.  By the time the dogs arrived that afternoon, the two black labs and the white shepherd had all been found homes, thanks to Kristina.

"Bishop Plumbing is now starting an initiative to inform their community of clients about the need for safe homes for dogs who are currently roaming the streets or housed in pounds until the time comes for them to be put down.  If you are interested in either adopting or fostering one of these dogs and rescuing them from these fatal possibilities, please contact Kristina Curran at Bishop Plumbing by calling her at 847-824-1800."

Looking for a new company mission for your business? Why not follow the example of Bishop Plumbing and  network with your employees and clients to find homes for homeless and abandoned dogs and cats!

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