MAGGIE: the dog who changed my life

MAGGIE: the dog who changed my life
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Monday, March 19, 2012

Dog Heroics: Five Stories of Dogs Saving Their Owners

Today I am happy to have this wonderful guest post by Paul Glovers about special canines saving the lives of their guardians. Enjoy. And thank you, Paul.

Paul lives with his wife and Standard Schnauzer in Washington state and is a freelance writer for Veterinary Assistant Schools, a guide to Vet Assistant careers and education.

Stories of dogs saving the lives of their owners are always touching and very inspiring. They are indeed a man's best friend because of their unconditional love and loyalty to their masters and even to complete strangers. Here are 5 stories based on true accounts of dogs saving their owners from dangerous situations:

1. Hero Dog Shot after Defending Home from Intruders

Rumble, an American Straffordshire terrier is expected to survive and be on the road to full recovery after being beaten and shot by intruders while trying to defend the owner's home. This dog, now considered as a hometown hero chased the burglars that are trying to break into the family's home. He suffered from gunshot wound and severely broken leg that needed intensive operation. Dr. Michael King from the Canada West Veterinary Specialists offered to perform the surgery for free.

Full story here:

2. Rescue Dog Saves Family from House Fire

Timothy Argento was at work when his home in Levittown went on fire with his wife, daughters and their friend sleeping inside. Good thing Lily, their recently adopted dog woke up everyone inside the house even before the smoke detectors went off. Everyone made it out safe and suffered no injuries and Lily made sure that everyone was out of the burning home before she got out. Lily was adopted from the North Shore Animal League. Argento states that all the material things that were burned down by the fire can be replaced but what is important is that everyone is alive and well, all thanks to Lily.

Full story here:

3. Adopted Dog Returns the Favor and Saves His Owner's Life

Gerald Gray suffers from diabetes and a lung disease. Had it not been for Parker, a dog the couple adopted, Gerald would have been in a different situation right now. On one morning at around 3 o'clock in the morning, Parker a Jack Russell Terrier was trying to get the attention of Cynthia Parker by constantly barking and digging. She went ahead and looked around and found out that her husband's oxygen level was low. They never put much thought on Parker's act until it happened again, this time at the hospital where Parker won't leave his owner's side. It turns out that Gerald's oxygen went down to a dangerous level. The couple considers Parker as a life saver.

Full story here:

4. Perth Dog Saves Owner's Home from Fire

When fire broke out in the kitchen area of his owner's home, this Perth dog immediately went to a heroic mode. Dyson, an eight month old Labrador barked continuously in order to get the attention of the neighbors until someone noticed the fire and called the firefighters. The damage was estimated to be around $50,000 and the kitchen area was completely burned. The damage could have been worse if Dyson was not quick to seek help.

Full story here:

5. Trixie the Dog Nominated for the 5th Annual Dogs of Valor Awards

One evening of October last year, 78 year-old Ida Moose was at her backyard when she unknowingly suffered from stroke and heart attack. She woke up lying in the mud and found her terrier dog Trixie standing right beside her. Trixie started to bark in an attempt to get help and attention but was unsuccessful at first. This faithful pet stayed beside Ida for twenty hours and never left throughout the ordeal. Trixie provided warmth to her owner during the long rainy night until help finally arrives. It would have been impossible for Ida to survive had it not been for Trixie. Her life saving efforts was recognized and Trixie is nominated for the 5th Annual Dogs of Valor Awards given by the Humane Society of the United States.

Full story here:

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