MAGGIE: the dog who changed my life

MAGGIE: the dog who changed my life
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Friday, August 26, 2011

How A Single Kitten Saved Many Cats from Euthanasia

It all began when the The Humane Society of Boulder Valley's (HSBV) Foster Department sent an email notice (as they always do when animals need to go into foster) to see who of their foster volunteers might be interested in fostering a single kitten. The interest they received was immense; and it got this innovative staff thinking ...

HSBV had recently received many requests from other shelters (in Denver and Southern Colorado) to take kittens in because of the current over population in their shelters. We all know what that means -- a death sentence for the kittens (or adult cats) in the requesting shelters. Boulder Humane did not currently have room in their shelter to house these kittens, so unfortunately had to decline these requests -- at first. Until, that is, the foster department staff received such a great response from their volunteers for this one special kitten. That's when the HSBV Foster Dept. staff had a superb brainstorm to seize the opportunity to save more lives. They decided to reach out to see if their foster volunteers were interested in fostering these homeless kittens from other shelters for a couple of weeks. Yes, indeed, they would, came the replies! 

It's been over a week in the making and the kitties with a new lease on life arrive tomorrow at the Humane Society of Boulder Valley! They'll go out to foster homes 1-2 kittens each so HSBV can work them back slowly into their shelter system for adoption and still maintain space for our local homeless cats. We are so fortunate to have such a progressive animal shelter, as well as a strong volunteer base for our local shelter in our community.

I didn't respond to the email for the single kitten. The little angel reminded me too much of Cinnamon and I wasn't ready for that. But I'll pick up our two foster kitties Sunday afternoon. Maddie, our lab, watched with interest (I think -- I suppose it might have been disgust!) as I once again pulled out the toys, litter box, dishes, etc. She will play an important part interacting with them -- being able to say in their bio that they've been around dogs really helps them get adopted!

It's amazing what one little kitten can do!


Jed said...


I’ve enjoyed exploring your site! I too am a dog lover. I’m also a filmmaker at Columbia University in NYC and recently made a short romantic comedy about a guy who thinks his dog can talk. It’s called, "Dear Dog, I Love You", and it stars a very special rescued dog. We plan to use the finished product to raise support for shelters and the rescue process.

Because of your interest in the dog community, I wondered if you might do a post on your blog to your readers about my film. We've already shot the movie, but need some assistance with the post-production and therefore have started a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds.

This is a special film because it stars the up and coming dog actor Paul Newman. A few short years ago, Paul Newman was found tied and starved in an abandoned garage. He was rescued by Suzanne Fitch of Mid-Atlantic Basset Hound Rescue, where he was matched with his wonderful trainer and caretaker, Karen. Now Paul Newman is one of the smartest and most talented dogs I know.
Please check out the trailer and campaign here:

Because of his amazing story, we think this is a great opportunity to draw attention to the animal rescue community. As mentioned above, once we finish our film, we hope to share it with shelters and the rescue community in hopes that some of the proceeds made from the film can help take care of dogs in need.

Please contact me and let me know if this is something you would do. Thank you for your time!


Dawn said...

Hi Jed,
What a wonderful project you are doing for the animals! I'd be delighted to have you write a guest blog about your project and place it on my blog.Please feel free to write up what you'd like me to post and send it to me via email to
I wish you the best with it!