MAGGIE: the dog who changed my life

MAGGIE: the dog who changed my life
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Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Texas/Mexico Border Rescue Dog: Remember Marky?

Marky and me in Brownsville PetSmart

It's been almost a year now. I know many of you remember my stories/posts about Marky, the dog Tom and I rescued near the Mexican border while we were in South Texas. I hadn't planned on writing another update until he was adopted. I never dreamed Marky would still be in his foster home a year later, so I think an update is in order. 

I am now a volunteer for the Rocky Mountain Lab Rescue (RMLR). Awhile back I asked one of our board members if we could find a way to transport Marky from Brownsville, TX to Colorado. The adoption rate for animals between the two areas of the country are like night and day. RMLR agreed, even though the logistics may not be easy, and I was thrilled! I thought the Brownsville SPCA would be, too. Tom and I would have fostered Marky as a RMLR dog until he found a home. RMLR dogs are typically adopted out after being in foster 2-4 weeks. Compare that to a year!

So what happened and why isn't Marky sitting next to me as I write this? The Brownsville SPCA wouldn't agree to send him unless he went straight into a forever home here rather than a foster home. BSPCA didn't want to take Marky out of his stable situation to go into another foster home, and then have to move to yet another home. I do understand and appreciate their thinking and concerns for Marky on this. But I'm also sad to think of him staying perhaps yet another year in foster in Brownsville, TX when finding a forever home in CO may have already even happened if he was here ...

Marky and me, PetSmart Adoption Event

The good news is EVERYONE at BSPCA is in love with him. Marky is a "couch potato" they say -- very affectionate. He loves other dogs, cats, people, and is just a very sweet boy, they tell me. Well, didn't I know that the first time I looked into his hopeful brown eyes on the road, with a coyote headed his direction? As his flea-ridden , smelly, skinny body rode on my lap in the truck, I knew this one was a sweet, special dog -- a real keeper -- for someone. Could you be Marky's forever person??

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