MAGGIE: the dog who changed my life

MAGGIE: the dog who changed my life
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Friday, November 20, 2009

The Dog Rescue Railroad

Did you know there are silent networks across the country that rescue dogs, cats, and other animals from death in kill shelters and transport them to a new life in another state?

One such network is The Dog Rescue Railroad that Deborah Eades writes about in her book, Every Rescued Dog Has a Tale. I was touched by the stories of the many dogs rescued over the years thanks to the efforts and commitment by the dedicated volunteers along the dog rescue railroad. Deborah Eades is one of these volunteers who drives a leg of a journey each weekend to rescue dogs who would otherwise be killed. Each chapter is a tale of one or more dogs rescued from a variety of situations, from being chained and starving in an owner's backyard to getting them out of a kill shelter moments before they are gassed.

Yes, I said gassed. It's been a shock to me over the last several months to learn from more than one source that what most of us know euthanasia to be, that is, an injection that is typically quick and painless for the animal, is not what happens to many animals in our country. These unfortunate animals are rounded up into a room and suffer the inhumane practice of being gassed. I'm not sure why, but my guess is that it has to do with lack of adequate funds and inadequate laws protecting animals from this inhumane practice. I know there are movements to stop this horrendous way of killing animals. It is people like Deborah Eades who save so many precious animals from this fate. As my dog rescue work was motivated by my black lab and soulmate dog, Maggie, Deborah transports dogs to safety in honor of her "heart dog," Sam.

Thank you, Deborah, to you and all the volunteers along the dog rescue railroad, and the many networks like it across the country, for being the silent angels that you are in bringing thousands of dogs to safety and giving them a second chance. Debra's hope is that proceeds from her book will help fund various animal rescue groups and no kill shelters across the country. Her wish is also that many of us who read her stories will volunteer with a dog transport group in our area to save even more lives.

According to Deborah, you can connect with other volunteers through Yahoo groups and other online communities simply by typing in "dog rescue" or "dog transport." You can join these groups and then find listings for transport groups that need drivers in your part of the country. You can find more detail about the best ways to do this and how it works at the end of her book. According to Deborah, "the fulfillment you get from helping these pitiful animals is priceless, and it is so easy to do."

What do you say? How about looking for a dog/animal transport in your part of the country? Let's get as many of these precious creatures saved as possible. In the meantime, please spay and neuter your pets to prevent future unnecessary euthanasia.

Photos are from Every Rescued Dog Has A Tale website.

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Dawn Kairns
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