MAGGIE: the dog who changed my life

MAGGIE: the dog who changed my life
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Friday, March 20, 2009

More Amazing Tuned-In Dog Stories

Here are yet more stories where dogs exhibit an incredible ability to tune-in to their humans. There's even one example where a dog announced himself in a dream before he showed up in his guardian's life. MAGGIE and I were not alone in our remarkable communication!

My hope in sharing so many different experiences is that dogs (all animals) and their unrecognized body, mind, and energy reading abilities will be recognized in the scientific community and in the eyes of the world. May they be lifted up where they belong, so to speak, and recognized for the precious, special spiritual beings they are, capable of understanding us and of powerfully connecting with us.

Here is Janine's beautiful narrative of Reyna turning herself into a service dog:

"My story is less about what I was thinking and more how I was feeling. A couple of years ago, I ruptured a disc in my back and was in excruciating pain for several days. The first day, both of my German Shepherds were a lot less demanding than usual, which I greatly appreciated. The second day, though, my girl, Reyna, completely shocked me. She turned herself into a service dog (she's been trained for search & rescue, but never for service work). She just knew that I could not get up, sit down, or pick anything up from the floor without help. When I would start to get up from the couch or chair, she would come over (no calling from me) and let me brace myself on her back. The same when I was ready to sit down. If I needed to pick up something, she would immediately stand perfectly still beside me while I used her to lower myself to the floor and stand back up. She even made a point of keeping her brother (much larger and extremely goofy at the time) from bumping into me. For several days, Reyna was my rock. And then one day, she stopped. She just knew that I was finally capable of doing those things on my own, and she was right. And she never behaved like that again."

Here's what Steph shared about her dog, Lucy learning to trust:

"...My black lab, Lucy, was very skittish as a puppy ... she may let us pet her for a few seconds before chickening out and running away. We rescued her from a shelter when she was about 3 months old...she was just very, very submissive and skittish.
We all went on a trip a few years back ...
Lucy was about 5 months old at the time ... At some point, Lucy had eaten something unnoticed by us, and got very sick. She threw up mounds... about eight times in 30 minutes. After her last bought of vomiting, she was very weak and shaky. I sat on the floor... talking softly and rubbing her little back, telling her it would be okay and that I would always love her and take care of her. All of a sudden, she turned her little body and leaned into me, seemingly comforted by my tone of voice and actions.

Ever since then, Lucy has been a people-lover! She completely came out of her shell, trusts us completely, and accepts love and petting for hours..."

Denise says Shannon helped pull weeds; Sputnik filled his own water dish; Sonja saved her life:

"Many times I was working in the yard, pulling weeds and Shannon ... was out and about in the yard. One day it was hot and [there were] lots of weeds and I was thinking, 'boy wouldn't it be so nice if I could teach you to help pull weeds?' Within moments she came near me in the same row and started digging, grabbing the weeds, and putting them into the can beside us ...

As for Sputnik, who happened to be my first service dog, I trained ... myself. A unique pup who had developed seizures early, [he] was able to tell what I was thinking and react to it. One day I thought, 'Oh I better double check his water bowl to make sure he got ... fresh water.' All of a sudden, he ran into the kitchen, grabbed his bowl and put it under the sink ... He was a tall dog and [was] taught to use his paws for various things; he turned on the faucet and got his bowl filled. Unfortunately, he wasn't too graceful; by the time I heard the water and got into the kitchen, water was pretty much all over the floor. Though still ... some in his bowl...

Now ... Sonja ... saved my life a number of times, but she had to communicate to me so I would be aware of such danger. Where I used to live ... the apartment's stove ... when the wind blew the pilot would go out. She was actually in training so at times she stayed home when Sputnik and I went out. However, one day when we got home the whole house ... had nothing but shredded paper. You name it, it was shredded. But in a strange way, though at first I didn't realize it. She would start at the front door and actually make a path, using the shredded paper going towards the kitchen ... stopping right at the door ... This happened a couple of times in the same path. But it was her way of trying to communicate to me that something was totally wrong in the kitchen.

For me I believe it's all about the inner bonding stages that an animal and their human partner has beyond the physical style of bonding."

And then there is Nancy, whose dog came to her in a dream before he showed up on her doorstep:

"I've had a difficult time picking out one thing or another to point out to say, 'oh she/he does this or that to show how they read my thoughts'. The truth has become for me that it is a natural part of our relationships. All of them, 4 dogs and 5 cats, have varying ways of 'talking' to me, telling me their needs and 'knowing' what is to happen next. What others may find
remarkable as far as communication and understanding each other is just common place for us.

In 2006 a dog came to live with me for the rest of his life. I dreamed of him one night. A great black dog who was racing across the sky to join my pack. The next day my sister called to tell me of a black German Shepherd living in the mountains of West Virginia. He needed a home. 'Would i take him'?

After he lived with us a few days I named him Lightfoot... Little did i realize that i had
named him after the road on which he was found, 'Camp Lightfoot Road', without having been told where he was found.

He was a geriatric dog who came to our home as he was on his way out of this world ... he spent most of his time alone and had many issues ... He brought with him so many lessons of patience. He is still teaching me, and even though his body is no longer here, I am still learning from his short time here ... '

Skye raises some wonderful questions about the telepathic bond that seems more readily available with some dogs more than others:

"I am a skeptic (scientist, actually) and am reading Sheldrake's book at the moment ... I am interested in the ESP relationship and also in the non-ESP relationship.

I wonder why some of us have this 'bond' with only some dogs??? And not others or all dogs? Is it a function of circumstances or of the dog?

Does it develop at the beginning of the relationship or does it sometimes develop over a long period of time?

... (I am using BOND in quotes to signify this ESP-type relationship. )

Some have posted about the 'bond' being one-way. Others have posted about the 'bond' being in the opposite direction. I assume it is also bi-directional.

Can it be taught? ..."

I will leave you on this note, with Skye's questions, and hope to hear your responses in your comments.

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Dawn Kairns
Author of MAGGIE: the dog who changed my life


Your Name said...

Fascinating stories! It makes me want to work on tuning in better with my dogs! Thanks for the inspiring stories and for helping to elevate animals to a more equal place among us.

Ina Russell said...

So many of us know our dogs can read our thoughts -- translated into dog-thinking, of course, which means we in turn need to understand this deeply moving ability whenever it produces its impressive, unforgettable results. Thanks for sharing sample stories.

Dawn Kairns said...

You are very welcome, Ina. Thank sharing with us one you know that is reading our thoughts.