MAGGIE: the dog who changed my life

MAGGIE: the dog who changed my life
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Friday, March 13, 2009

Telepathy In Our canines

I think there are those signs we exhibit, like putting on our shoes or turning off the computer, that are signals to our dogs that they clearly recognize as coming before we engage in a fun activity with them. But what about those times when our only signals are our thoughts?

J. Allen Boone shares experiences in his book, Kinship With All Life, where Strongheart, the famous Hollywood dog from years ago, was in another room and came running in when Mr. Boone began merely thinking of taking him into the hills for a romp. I share an experience in Maggie: the dog who changed my life about Maggie's sulking reaction after she buried her nose in my work clothes and realized, "no fun for us together today;" and her very excited response when I had my casual home clothes on, which usually meant a hike or a trip to the lake. But an interesting thing happened when I had on my work clothes (she had her typical sulking reaction) and I was in front of the bathroom mirror applying my make up, thinking, "Hmm. I have a short workday. Maybe I can take Maggie with me and she can wait in the car while I see my patients, and we can go for a hike..." Suddenly she's up, staring at me, her tail beginning it's wag. How does she know what's going on in the privacy of my mind? I'm not looking her direction as I roll mascara onto my eyelashes.

In the field of psychoneuroimmunology, they say that our thoughts create chemicals in our brains. Dogs have such a profound sense of smell. Do our canine buddies smell our thoughts, much like a seizure alert dog might smell the chemical changes of an impending seizure?

But then there's the case of Jill Meza and her dog, Cinnamon, reported in the Santa Maria Times. Cinnamon alerted Jill prior to her heart arrhythmia and a hypoglycemia attack with different signals for each. When Jill was on a trip to Cuba, and Cinnamon was staying with a friend in the United States, Jill dreamed Cinnamon was pushing on her leg, her signal for low blood sugar. Jill got up, checked her blood sugar, and it was very low. She later learned that Cinnamon became very agitated the same night, at the very time Jill was having her attack. So how does smell account for that one? I am pretty prone to believe in spiritual and energetic connections in life, including with our beloved animals. Perhaps particularly with our animals where our deep bond may allow for telepathy and intuition to operate so naturally.

What about the other way around? Do you have those times when your dog stares a hole right through you? They may be simply trying to tell us, "I have to go outside," or I want a treat," or "I'm bored, let's go play." Are there also those times our dogs try to get a more profound message to us, like the woman whose dog kept nudging her in the breast who later discovered she had breast cancer? Do we listen and try to tune into them the way they do us? Perhaps you do if you are an animal communicator or have your own intuition very attuned. But many of us have a long way to go to read our dog's communication to us. Many of us just don't always know how to get it. Tuning in to how our animals communicate with us, and receiving their messages, can be a real gift to them.

My belief is we all had telepathic abilities preverbally, but we humans tended to lose them with the advent of language. Our animals haven't. Humans that haven't lost the ability we call psychics or animal communicators. They may be the ones to help us recover some of our own intuitive abilities to help us better understand our animal's needs. Recording your dreams may be another way to begin to tune in to intuition and telepathic communication. I was astounded to discover some of the ways I received messages from or about Maggie through my own telepathic dreams.

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Dawn Kairns
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