MAGGIE: the dog who changed my life

MAGGIE: the dog who changed my life
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Friday, February 28, 2014

Dog Voice and Sight Program Meeting Correction with Boulder City Council & OSMP

After my last post regarding the March 5 meeting of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) and the Boulder City Council regarding OSMP recommendations to update the Voice and Sight Tag Program in Boulder, I received an email from Steve Armstead, OSMP Environmental Planner and Project Lead informing me of the following:

"On March 5, an ordinance modifying the city code to enable the program updates will be presented to the Boulder City Council. As an initial introduction of the ordinance, this item is expected to be placed on the council’s 'consent agenda' which means there isn’t a public hearing for the item. A public hearing on the proposed changes will likely happen at a second meeting tentatively planned for April 1."

I inquired with FIDOS and was told that "the Voice and Sight discussion may be moved off the agenda all together as there is a discussion about a Sister City in Japan. We are working with the city to make sure it
will be on that date and will be sending out a newsletter with the final proposals and update on the
Council schedule on Friday the 28th or Saturday, after OSMP releases the final proposals...We can however provide feedback to the Council during the open session which precedes the meeting." This is important as it will give the new council members 2 weeks to consider about what they hear.

"What you can do is after 4.30pm on Friday 28th, sign up to speak at this link  But if it's not in the agenda, you won't have a place to speak, so you may want to go to this link to voice your opinion in an email to the Boulder City Council on the proposed restrictive changes to the Voice and Sight Program for dogs and their guardians on Boulder Open Space

"On the second reading it will be on the agenda and people will be able to talk directly to the item..." But by that time, says FIDOS from past experience many councilors have made up their minds by then. So Boulder dog guardians please let your voices be heard!

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