MAGGIE: the dog who changed my life

MAGGIE: the dog who changed my life
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Thursday, February 23, 2012

I Want a Dog ... A New Elderly Widow's Plea

It has not yet been a month since my 84 year old neighbor lost her husband of sixty-some years. I just returned from a trip, and called her as soon as I learned of his death. She has always been a wise, spiritual woman in my eyes, one I always learned valuable lessons from whenever our paths crossed. Yesterday on the phone with her was no different. Although grieving, and certainly experiencing the lethargy and paralysis that often comes with loss, her honesty was indeed that breath of fresh air, her positive attitude inspiring.  She shared openly with me (when I asked) her beliefs of what comes next after death, and how that sustained her in her grief and kept her positive. I was mesmerized by her words: that "we are all here on a soul journey," and that when we die, "time is nonexistent, and we are shown a review of our life," and allowed to experience our unlearned lessons from life, sometimes through the eyes and experience of those we have hurt. And "we have spiritual Guides to help us in this journey," she shares.We also "learn more about creation; astronomy and life elsewhere in other galaxies and universes," for example.

"We are so earth-bound," she stated. "There's so much more to learn about -- it's not just all about Earth. And finally, when we are ready, "we can choose to reincarnate to have a chance to learn those lessons on earth once again." How many 84 year old's do you know who are this non-conventional and open in their thinkiing?

Of course, she misses her husband's presence in their home greatly. "I'm just not motivated to do anything." But what is intuitively calling to her? To her heart? "I want a dog," she tells me. "I want that presence in my home with me. Not a small dog, a big dog. Maybe 5 or 6 years old. It must be well enough trained, and calm. We will recognize and know each other -- this is very important to me. I have applied with some rescue groups but have not heard back, and am afraid they overlook me because of my age and fear what might happen to the dog when I die. But my daughter will take the dog when I die."

Wow. If any of you know a dog that can fit this bill, please reply on my blog. Calling all large dog rescue groups, "failed" Guide Dogs for the Blind, any service dog that doesn't quite cut the mustard, please contact me. Let's find a dog for this special woman so she can have that phenomenal canine connection in her life before she, too passes from this world.


Canine Behavior Training said...

There are several on the Tucson Cold Wet Noses website ( that are 6 + years and calm easy dogs. A couple of them have a problem with other dogs, but if all she wants is a house companion and she has a yard, they should do nicely. I have worked with all of them in the foster dog class that I run once a week and can tell you what their issues and temperments are.

Dawn said...

Thanks very much for responding. I will share this information with her!