MAGGIE: the dog who changed my life

MAGGIE: the dog who changed my life
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Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Animals of the Oil Spill We're Not Seeing (Video)

Why am I, an author of a dog book, spending so much time sharing often difficult to look at photos of animal casualties of the Gulf oil spill? Because I am an animal lover and my blog, although usually oriented towards dogs and animal issues such as puppy mills, is also devoted to animal rescue and showing the incredible beings of light that animals are. Who is in more need of rescue right now than those animals suffering in the Gulf? (The human plight of loss in the Gulf is, of course, another story). I have been to the Gulf in the past, have seen her beauty, and delighted in the magnificence of the pelicans, seagulls, sandpipers, egrets, dolphins and more. To see them in the shape they are in now is heart wrenching. Many of these innocent ones of the Gulf oil spill tragedy will not be helped by what I write and share. But may we all, in seeing their suffering, find our voices to do whatever it takes to be sure this never happens again ...

The Spill We're Not Seeing (YouTube): Reporter Matthew Lysiak of the New York Daily News gets into off limits area along coast of Louisiana near Grand Isle and photographs dead marine animals. See more photos and story at 

The Dead and Dying Animals BP Doesn't Want You to See (YouTube video) The animal photos are in the middle of this MSNBC broadcast clip:

Gulf of Mexico Wildlife Casualities/Wildlife Species in Danger (You Tube)

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Dogs in Bahrain said...

The first video has been taken off already..

Dawn Kairns, Author of MAGGIE the dog who changed my life said...

The video is still up on YouTube with over 4,000 views. I'm not sure what you're referring to. Can you help me out? Thanks for reading my blog.

retriever farm said...

I am sure these are great videos, but I can't bring myself to watch them to heartbreaking

Dawn Kairns, Author of MAGGIE the dog who changed my life said...

I understand the heartbreak, Lisa ... it's so very hard to see this continuing nightmare.